Quality policy

The most demanding quality requirements on the market

Quality has defined APR’s identity from the outset. Our corporate philosophy revolves around reviewing operation processes, selecting suppliers or administration prioritising excellence and a strong focus on continuous improvement. ISO 9001 certification proves the organisation’s commitment and hard work by its management teams and staff, targeting top quality levels.


Environmental policy

Environmental commitment is part of our value proposition

Technological progress should be sustainable and compatible with a balanced environment. Therefore, our goals include minimising environmental impacts, reducing our business’s ecological footprint and optimising natural resources. ISO 14001 certification reflects meticulous compliance with the legislation in force and shows that we have taken on sector-based best practices in environmental matters.


In-company training

The best investment

The electromedicine, radiology and bioengineering fields are technology-intensive and therefore focus points for multiple research, development and innovation projects. This refers to modern medicine areas teeming with progress and improvements that require not only a high level of training for their professionals but also specialisation and refresher courses. Appropriate staff training is the best guarantee of our service quality.


Corporate social responsibility

A natural extension of our business

The current conception of the social-healthcare system includes community wellbeing in public health policies. Consequently, at APR we see corporate social responsibility as everyone’s concern, right across the business. When making decisions, we weigh up how we affect the environment and the community, as well as our staff and other stakeholders, including their interests and measuring their results.